Veterans Memorial
  Lake Willastein, Maumelle, Arkansas
Dedicated to all veterans of the United States Armed Forces
Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard
The Veterans Memorial was officially dedicated on April 8, 2006. The dedication was supported by the Arkansas National Guard. Guest speakers included Medal of Honor Recipient, Nick Bacon, Congressman Vic Snyder and MG Ron Chastain, 39th Infantry Brigade as our principle speaker. MG (Ret) William Page, Master of Ceremony
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Flag Retirement Ceremony
The United States Flag Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, states in part, "The flag when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."
The Maumelle Veterans Memorial Committee conducts a flag retirement ceremony twice each year.
Participating are members of the committee, Maumelle Fire Department and community residents. We encourage those with torn or worn flags to give them to the committee for a proper retirement ceremony.
    Canadian Geese flyover
Bricks may be   purchased and engraved to honor U. S. veterans, regardless of   length of honorable service.
A brick order   form, in PDF format may be downloaded by clicking on the brick image below.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click on the Adobe   logo to download the current free copy.
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For my art project I drew the symbolic picture of the Iwo Jima Flag Raising. I had started this project in May of 2015 for Memorial Day, only for it to be stolen the day before Memorial Day, causing me to stop work on it. In late October that same year, however, I restarted the project: this time, for Veteran’s Day.  I used different Pencils to get the different shades in the image. I didn’t use an outline or picture to trace in this project. It was all done free-handed. My art teacher had guided me through the process at the beginning of the first project. She said, “Start with the general picture you are looking for, then, as you get further into it, put in the details.” Throughout this entire project, I had one goal in mind: Honor my Grandpa and Uncle, both of whom served in the armed forces.  When others view my art work I hope they also remember all of the other service men and women who died for our freedom.
The above was drawn by Kyle Kohlstedt, who is currently an 8th grader at Badger Ridge Middle School in Verona, WI. Below are his comments about what drove him to complete this drawing. Kyle was kind enough to permit us to display his drawing and we extend our thanks to him for honoring veterans. Well done Kyle!
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